How to Look After Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Though not usually serious, many people seek hemorrhoids relief, as the condition can be very painful. Hemorrhoids also known as piles are inflamed or swollen veins in the anus and lower rectum. There are internal hemorrhoids, which occur inside the rectum and external ones, which develop on the skin around the anus. The latter are more uncomfortable as they irritate and erode the surrounding skin and are extremely painful when a blood clot forms inside them. Bleeding occurs in chronic cases because of …

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Constipation and Hemorrhoids

Finding the right treatment for hemorrhoids can be so important especially if you are suffering from them.  However, for most people, they don’t really think much about the causes of hemorrhoids and how to even treat them.  The truth is that dealing with hemorrhoids doesn’t need to be as difficult or as complicated as you may believe.  So how can you deal with the problems of constipation and hemorrhoids?

What Can Cause Constipation and Hemorrhoids

If you have a poor diet which doesn’t consist …

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What Causes Hemorrhoids to Flare Up?

health problems

Hemorrhoids symptoms are extremely uncomfortable, embarrassing lumps of tissue on, inside or around the anus, caused by an increase in abdominal pressure with no time for the muscle to acclimatize. They can be successfully treated and controlled with a medicated hemorrhoid cream, and can be completely removed if the instructions are properly followed, but even a perfect regimen can fail and allow the hemorrhoids to resurface. Most of the time, though, with the proper amount of patience, diligence, and thoroughness, hemorrhoids can be successfully banished permanently.

What are Hemorrhoids?

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What Causes Hemorrhoids in Men?

trombosed external hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoids are hard lumps of anal tissue that also incorporate large, swollen blood vessels. The most commonly-recognized cause of hemorrhoids is an abnormally large amount of pressure in the abdomen. While in women, hemorrhoids are often a side effect of pregnancy, in men the causes of hemorrhoids are slightly more obscure, difficult to pinpoint and thus, more difficult to prevent. However, hemorrhoids are some of the most common health afflictions, and can be treated easily once they are recognized and diagnosed.

What are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are lumps of swollen …

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Hemorrhoid Symptoms: How to Diagnose Hemorrhoids


When it comes to hemorrhoids diagnose, your first sign that something is wrong will likely be a streak of fresh, bright red blood on your toilet paper or feces. After this alarming discovery, the next step is to determine whether the suspected hemorrhoids are internal or external, which then determines the potential severity and treatment of the hemorrhoids. Knowing the symptoms of hemorrhoids can vastly decrease the difficulty of this task, and reduce both the severity of the symptoms and increase the speed of recovery, due to catching …

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Symptoms of Hemorrhoid Conditions You Need to Know

Colon Cancer Symptoms

Hemorrhoid Conditions are painful balls of swollen veins, most commonly found extremely near the anus, both internally and externally. They’re often not noticed until they reach the symptomatic stage, instead of the developing stage, due to their location, but once they do become symptomatic, they can seriously impair the function of a normal life, especially the more serious internal hemorrhoids. Recognition of symptoms is thus a potentially life-saving imperative, and learning how to recognize them should be of the utmost urgency.

Symptoms of External Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids are …

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Internal Hemorrhoids vs. External Hemorrhoids

Internal Hemorrhoids

A hemroid is simply a vein in the anal region that becomes stressed and then swells up. Because it is then swollen and protruding, it can then become further irritated by passing stools or other daily activities. Think of it sort of like a varicose vein in the anal cavity. For a clinical diagram that is not graphic in nature check out this hemroid picture.

Internal Hemorrhoids

hemoroizi-1Internal hemorrhoids are exactly what they sound like, hemorrhoids that are located within the anal cavity. Because these hemorrhoids are somewhat protected …

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Hemorrhoids Doctor

Hemorrhoids doctors

When should I see a hemorrhoids doctor?

Be sure to see a hemorrhoids doctor before you start any hemroid treatment on your own, especially if you have any of the following symptoms, but haven’t been previously diagnosed with hemorrhoids:

o Anal bleeding
o Anal pain
o Swelling at the anal opening
o Anal discharge
o Dark black stools
o A fever combined with bloody stools
o Very thin stools
o Inability to pass stools
o Chronic diarrhea
o Chronic constipation
See a hemorrhoids doctor if you have any of …

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Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Bleeding Hemorrhoids operation

Any discussion about bleeding hemorrhoids must first begin with a discussion about the two main types of hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. These hemorrhoids are exactly what you might guess from the name alone, internal hemorrhoids are hemorrhoids located within the anal cavity and external hemorrhoids are ones that are located at the opening of the anal canal.

hemorrhoids-surgery2Both of these types of hemorrhoids can become bleeding hemorrhoids and vary in their severity. In the case of internal hemorrhoids, bleeding may be the only symptom present. With …

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